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At Seratec, APIs are more than a science. They are a passion. Entrepreneurs in pharmaceutical chemistry since 1970, we produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the treatment of rare and orphan diseases Thanks to our internationally recognized French expertise, we design, develop, produce and register files of pharmacologically active molecules with the American (FDA) European (EMA) and national (ANSM) drug agencies. To offer the best services, we also produce APIs according to the quality standards known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP or cGMP). The pharmaceutical companies we work with are very demanding. For the battle they are leading is just as demanding.

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  • CRISE COVID: un avant et un après pour la chimie?
    15 December 2021
    CRISE COVID: un avant et un après pour la chimie?

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  • Seratec Greetings 2019
    07 January 2019
    Seratec Greetings 2019

    Seratec wishes you a prosperous and happy 2019

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Seratec Stories

Discover the stories behind Seratec's excellence

Engineers, technicians, quality experts, etc.

An expert team. Expertise and unique skills.

  • Antoine Jugnet QC
    QC Director
    Antoine Jugnet
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  • Arnaud Caudan QC
    QC Technician
    Arnaud Caudan
  • Adrien Rougeault MAINT
    Maint. Technician
    Adrien Rougeault
  • Thomas Mercun MAINT
    Maint. Technician Alt.
    Thomas Mercun
  • Antoine Manceau QC
    QC Technician
    Antoine Manceau
  • Romain Hervé PROD
    Prod. & Logistics Supervisor
    Romain Hervé
  • Odile Houthuijzen
    Odile Houthuijzen
  • Audrey Neveu QC
    QC Technician
    Audrey Neveu

A strong vision and values

  • All Involved

    At SERATEC, all of our employees share the same passion and work within a unique production site in order to combine efficiently their expertise. This cohesion enables us to provide our clients with a bespoke service.

  • Rigor and determination

    To aim for excellence, is first and foremost to comply stricly with the international standards and regulations of our field.
    The determination we put into following the best practices of fabrication is always some time saved for our clients.

  • Passionate and demanding

    We are not only APIs manufacturers. We are above all else researchers, engineers and technicians who chose fine organic chemistry out of passion, in order to quench our thirst of innovation and our quest for excellence.

Our history

40 years of expertise in fine organic chemistry

  • 1970
    February 1970


    Creation of Seratec (SERum TEChnologies) by Pierre Réveilleau in Epinay-sur-Seine. Family LLC specialized in medical biology and biotechnology, Seratec operates the research laboratory and ...

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  • 1984


    In order to expand its catalog, the Seratec team pursued the development of new chemical entities for therapeutic purposes on behalf of public and private laboratories. ...

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  • 1992


    The split with Eurobio occurred in 1992, with the arrival at Seratec of a Pharmacist, Antoine Réveilleau, son of the founder, as Scientific Director, and in 1994, a PhD in chemist...

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  • 2000


    To meet the demand of international pharmaceutical customers, this team decided to invest nearly four million Euros in a production unit that complied with American quality standards, considered ...

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  • 2003


    The inauguration took place in 2003, immediately followed by an inspection by the Food & Drug Administration (PAI) leading to the acceptability of the site for the cGMP standard, es...

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  • 2006


    Victim of its success, responsible for organizational problems in the difficult transition from an artisanal structure to an industrial entity, Seratec was summoned before the commercial court fo...

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  • 2007


    Seratec undertook its restructuring by reorganizing its teams and assigning their activities under the direction of experienced managers who joined the leading duo. At the same time, Seratec contin...

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  • 2010


    Since then Seratec holds more than 12 active ingredients files submitted and accepted by Western health authorities, including a centralized procedure and a sNDA, as well as 17 GMP certificates for it...

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  • 2018

    WE’RE HERE !

    After many years of formation, Seratec aims to implement 21st century GMP tools in which the keystone is combining an understanding of the product and the procedure, and their variability, in a new ph...

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active member

  • Polepharma Polepharma

    Member of the national pharmaceutical production cluster

  • PharmaValley PharmaValley

    Member of the PharmaValley Alliance


    Member of the European Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Committee (APIC)

To visit us

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