Discover our Manifesto


Our expertise begins with the molecule all the way to the active pharmaceutical ingredient.

More than active ingredients, we offer global solutions.

  • Innovative response to the demands of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Adaptation to the environment in question
  • Respect and compliance with global regulations

From chemistry to pharmaceutical quality, Seratec leverages its multidisciplinary approach to serve the needs of its partners, their customers and the patient.: R&D, Production, QMS, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, Qualification, Maintenance...


Quality is not a goal, it is our driving force.

To ensure  our partners reach the market, Seratec APIs are certified by global drug agencies:

  • FDA in the United States
  • EMA in Europe
  • ANSM in France

Our proven methods and proactive approaches save valuable time for our customers.

We produce APIs and HPAPIs according to best manufacturing practices (BPF or cGMP).

Each process train is housed within a controlled environment, and has dedicated utilities.

We don’t add talents. We multiply them.

To cultivate the spirit of excellence that guides us, Seratec makes it a point of honor to recruit not only for talent, but also for character.

We are in total harmony with our customers and operate as a fully integrated laboratory,
Because we are all part of the same team.


We integrate three components in each of our APIs:

  • Innovation  

In a competitive global market, innovation is not an end in itself, but a strategy: that of mastering the API throughout its life cycle.

When one specializes in rare and orphan molecules, investing in R&D is a duty.

To both our partners and the patients.

  • Rigor  

Doing the maximum will always be our minimum.

Our GMP processes are subject to an extensive approach based upon risk analysis and knowledge management to ensure a complete understanding.

We guarantee the highest level of quality because we adopt the most rigorous approaches which we apply not only to the product, but also to the customer’s needs, our staff and the environment.

We will never sacrifice quality for ease.

  • The commitment

We commit to stay the course until success is achieved.

We cannot call ourselves experts in APIs if we are not leaders in the design, development and production of APIs up to the point of registration (CTD) and beyond.
At Seratec, getting our customer’s product to the market is our goal.

We support our partners from inception, through the development phase
and beyond to ensure their commercial success.


Knowledge has meaning only if it is shared.

We want to share our knowledge with our customers and our employees to advance science and enhance the skills of each.

We will always be ambitious, but also humble.


  •  We are : perfectionist, passionate, proactive, human.
  •  We want : control, mastery, excellence.
At Seratec, APIs are more than a science. They are a passion.