Ingénieurs, techniciens, experts qualité...

Nos talents sont portés par l'esprit d'excellence.

Antoine Réveilleau PRESIDENT & QP
Scientific Director, CEO

Antoine Réveilleau

Industry pharmacist (Paris V), chemist and quality specialist, Antoine has spent the majority of his professional life at SERATEC. A founding member, quality and regulatory affairs expert, he has led the company since 1992, and initiated the turning point in the 2000s with the creation of the Courville sur Eure site.

Maria Moreno Guirado QA
GMP Compliance & Business Director

Maria Moreno Guirado

Biologist Engineer, a graduate of the University of Barcelona, for seven years Maria ran the production and then the quality control laboratory of a pharmaceutical multinational specializing in sterile forms. She joined SERATEC in 2008 to take charge of the Quality & GMP Compliance Department, and now in Business development.

Jacek Ropenga DIR TECH
Technical Director

Jacek Ropenga

Doctor in Chemistry and Pharmacy from the University of Lodz (Poland), Jacek moved to France in 1984 and became a researcher at the Institute of Chemistry of Natural Sciences in Gif-sur-Yvette. In 1989 he headed the chemistry department of the research center of Orsan SA (Lafarge), and co-founded SERATEC in 1994.

Sophie Georgin QA
QA Director

Sophie Georgin

Organic Chemistry Engineer, a graduate of the Orleans University and quality and statistics expert. Sophie became a researcher and then Quality Expert at 3M Pharma for 17 years. Since 2016 she is in charge of Quality Assurance at Seratec with the most demanding GMP standards for API manufacturing.

Julie Sébillot QA
QA Deputy Manager Julie Sébillot
Aline Bigot QT
Quality Technician Aline Bigot
Deniz Abay MAINT
Maintenance Manager Deniz Abay
Isabelle Marquis Delarue QA
Qualification/Validation Manager Isabelle Marquis Delarue
Sandrine Debon QA
Quality Technician Sandrine Debon
Pascal Personeni MD
Managing Director

Pascal Personeni

Chemical Engineer (ECPM), graduated with a Master in Process Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Paris, Pascal started as Production Engineer then held the position of Director of Production during 15 years. Pascal has distinguished himself as Site Director of large industrial pharmaceutical chemistry plants to bring Autonomy and Operational Excellence.

Adrien Rougeault MAINT
Maint. Technician Adrien Rougeault
Thomas Mercun MAINT
Maint. Technician Alt. Thomas Mercun
Antoine Jugnet QC
QC Director

Antoine Jugnet

Chemical Engineer, a graduate of the “Ecole Nationale Sup de Chimie de Rennes”, Antoine worked at GSK, Novasep, Delpharm, as QC Manager and then he held the position of QC Director for 3 years. Antoine has distinguished bringing Autonomy and GMP Excellence.

Antoine Manceau QC
QC Technician Antoine Manceau
Arnaud Caudan QC
QC Technician Arnaud Caudan
Coraline Coupeau QC
QC Technician Coraline Coupeau
Antoine Manceau QC
QC Technician Antoine Manceau
Isabelle Dorin QC
QC Deputy Manager Isabelle Dorin
Audrey Neveu QC
QC Technician Audrey Neveu
Patricia Bataille Leconte PROD
Production Director

Patricia Bataille Leconte

PhD in Organic Chemistry, Patricia first applied her talents for six years in the development and production of anti-cancer agents. She joined the SERATEC team in 2006 as Head of Operations, where she organizes the entire production of the active ingredients.

Romain Hervé PROD
Prod. & Logistics Supervisor Romain Hervé
Karine Guillonneau ACHATS
HR Deputy & Procurements Karine Guillonneau
Thibaud Jameux PROD
Prod. Technician Thibaud Jameux
Amine Slila PROD
Prod. Supervisor Amine Slila
Jérôme Sausset PROD
Prod. Supervisor Jérôme Sausset
Patricia Picoux R&D
Scale-up Leader Patricia Picoux
Lisa Guegan R&D E
R&D Engineer Lisa Guegan
Yohan Macé
Head of Chemistry and Innovation Development Yohan Macé
Odile Houthuijzen
Operator Odile Houthuijzen
Sarah Couturier Alanvert R&D
R&D Director

Sarah Couturier Alanvert

Doctor-Engineer in Organic Chemistry, a graduate of the ENSSPICAM (Aix-Marseille), starting in 2005 Sarah contributed to the success of innovative projects of the API Services and Chemical Development Department of a CRO in Northern Ireland. She joined SERATEC in 2007, to take charge of the R&D laboratory.

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