Resource management and manufacturing


The management of Seratec guides and monitors the strategy of excellence.

Because our ambitions are high, we make sure we have sufficient resources.


These resources include staff, equipment, facilities and their infrastructure, as well as their environments and support services such as training, IT systems, logistics and maintenance. Seratec’s financial means from its success supply these resources and it is important that they are in proportions to achieve the objectives of the quality system and the improvement of its effectiveness.


Human resources consisting of our leaders, technicians and operators are empowered and trained to perform the operational processes of the company in the spirit of excellence. Their skills are identified and maintained by a training program, and a specific training policy within and outside the company is planned.

Newcomers undergo an initial training in good manufacturing practices to enable the induction of training more specific to the skills expected for their inclusion in the 'team. The quality of our documentation as well as all Seratec processes and procedures distributed according to job and duty are indeed related to the level of training. Measuring the achievement of objectives makes it possible to determine the effort needed to measure company performance and maximize knowledge.