Responsibilities of the Management


The business plan and strategy for excellence in the development and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients were declared long ago by the innovative approach of Seratec in its commitment and direction in support of quality. This strategy is expressed first in the quality policy and the definition of objectives, but is carried out by resource allocation and a comprehensive approach for assessing performance in product realization.


Attaining the objectives of an effective quality system and its improvement require that the executives of Seratec take leading roles as active and committed supporters of the of the company strategy. These leaders establish a group dynamic that, much more than a planning, facilitation and control function, gives Seratec this emotional and spiritual side to the company. Articulating the company’s vision depends on these personalities and makes Seratec responsive and independent, with strong values ​​and passions.

The management, by selecting talent, by providing them with motivation and confidence, establishes a strong relationship between the Seratec commitment to quality and the performance of the system organized by the leaders.

When processes are complex, or the science is not held internally, and Seratec must appropriate this knowledge, contractors and subcontractors are called upon who are subject to special management and qualifications to ensure that we have control.


Whether it is held internally or developed externally, our ultimate responsibility is indeed at the core of our processes related to the active pharmaceutical ingredient, for its quality, for its effectiveness, for its safety.